Stop shouting, eradicate doubts and make the sale

The natural inclination when writing marketing copy is often to leap straight into how unbelievably great the product or service is, and how the reader simply can’t live without it. Shout about the thing long enough and loud enough and people will pay attention, yes? Well… no… not really. The market is flooded with this kind of ‘shouty’ copy and a lot people are just immune to it now.

So, what can a copywriter do to make an impression, and better yet, a sale?

An effective way of writing marketing copy is to assume that the reader doesn’t want to buy what you’re selling them. This way you’re forced to tackle their doubts head-on with your copy and, in the process, answer their concerns one by one until they’ve got no excuses left not to make the purchase. If your copy is engaging enough then it’s simply a case of reassuring the reader into making a buying decision, or at least to seriously consider your offering.

It’s really quite a simple writing process to work through – think carefully about what you’re selling and come up with a list of every imaginable excuse that someone would make to avoid buying it.  Then craft a succinct counter-argument for each point. It’s that easy.

It does require a little bit of subtlety – you don’t want to draw a reader’s attention to an objection they didn’t know they had – but writing your copy in this way really does have an intelligent advantage over the brash, shouty, hard-sell copy that everyone’s just a bit tired of these days.

Ok, it’s not exactly a Jedi mind trick and it’s obviously not going to have a 100% success rate, but it’s certainly a copy technique to bear in mind that could just be the difference between a sale and a bounce.

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