Good Copy: howies

howies* is a Wales-based clothing manufacturer, and as well as great gear they’ve got great copy.

I’m not a surfer, mountain biker or a cool recreational adventure bloke. Apart from walking the dog or a twice-annual (at best) attempt at “running” I genuinely don’t take part in any active pursuits whatsoever. So I’m not exactly the howies target prospect if I’m honest. However, the way they present themselves and their products – primarily through their copy – makes me take notice of them and get into what they’re talking about.

When I read the howies website or catalogue I buy into what they’re doing down there. I get it. The copy is heartfelt, and the fact that they believe in what they’re saying leaps off the page. It’s evocative. It’s informal. It feels like they’re just talking to you and you alone.

If it was bad copy or lacked anything special I wouldn’t look twice at a company like howies, being the slouch that I am. As it’s such good copy, I actually look quite regularly now and consider myself one of their fans.

See for yourself at the howies website.

* Yes it’s supposed to be a lower case ‘h’, that’s the brand 🙂

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